Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sometimes helpful hints explode, literally

So I'm trying to clean my microwave from the bacon (insert Homer drooling bacon noise here) that dribbled the other day I cooked for my birthday BLTs, (but in my case since there are no grains allowed in my world right now, it was a whole lot of L and T and I added some tky). I always read the suggestions given in magazines for cleaning more naturally: good-bye bleach, hello oxi-clean; see you later multiple spray bottles now I buy vinegar at Costco for $3 and a 5 lb bag of baking soda. This time I remember seeing something though about adding a little dish soap (7th Generation of course), to water and nuking it so that the particles loosen (bacon grease is a stubborn mule). I just couldn't quite remember how long to microwave it for. So my thinking is, well when I make tea in there I usually put it on a select water button so that should work, you know hot but not scalding. Yeah well about 45 seconds into 1 minute and 45 seconds I thought the po-po were banging down my door. KABLAMM!!! HOLY CRAP, exactly. I opened the microwave door, my little dish came flying out and the watery bubbles were handing from the ceiling on the microwave and on the inside door. Well on second thought maybe that's what was supposed to happen. It did leave the interior of my microwave clean, (but my heart is still racing).

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  1. OMG! I'm sorry but that was really funny! And I'm glad that it wasn't the po-po wasn't banging down your door! :)