Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why did the chicken go to Target?

To make his friends and wife pee their pants of course!
I just needed to share this picture of our good friend John. We never not (for the double negative that means always) have a great time with Jane and John when we go out every month. This month we hit up Burrito Jalisco on 159th and 92nd Avenue. We pull up to see a couple of police cars and an officer talking to a woman with blonde hair. We got a little nervous at first because Jane has blonde hair. At a closer look we saw this woman's hair was very stringy and she was loaded. Neither of those things would fit Jane's description. We found out this lady stumbled into Jalisco's drunk and disorderly and the manager called the police, who got her a cab. The cab came 20 minutes later and drove by the restaurant and the manager booked it after the cab to flag him down. By this time Jane and I had about 1/2 our margaritas gone and the woman was talking to random strangers picking up their take out. WE couldn't stop laughing.
After a yummy Mexican meal we headed to Target. (What else do a group of 30 somethings do after dinner right?) Well of course we had to play with the toys, push every button on the speaker systems and look at all the Halloween candy. That is when we strolled down the costume aisle. John is a tall guy, over 6 feet, and there was this chicken costume calling his name. After a little peer pressure John tried it on and I just had to snap a picture. Although a little short in the crotch, I'd say he makes a great chicken, don't you? Well the best part takes place behind the scenes when we asked him to pose like a chicken he put his hands on his hips and said, "Oink, oink." I give the guy slack because he worked all day that day and we were all pretty pooped. After our purchase and promises of me posting on my blog, we parted ways, only to look forward to our next time out! Lonestar right guys? Or was it Longhorn? Whatever, we're eating beef. Can't wait! Love you both.

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